VeterinaryDAO Treasury

The DAO's Treasury 🔐

As any other Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), VeterinaryDAO necessitates the establishment and maintenance of a treasury to ensure its sustainability, growth, and operational resilience.

The treasury serves as the financial backbone of the DAO, accumulating funds through various mechanisms such as token issuance, fundraising, or revenue generation.

 This pool of resources empowers the DAO to pursue its objectives autonomously, whether it be funding development, marketing efforts, community initiatives, or strategic partnerships. A well-managed treasury provides the DAO with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, invest in innovation, and weather unforeseen challenges. 

Core Principles

Transparency and Accountability

Having a transparent and accountable treasury fosters trust among our DAO members, as it enables them to monitor the allocation and utilization of funds.

Long-term Resilience

A robust treasury is fundamental for the long-term success and sustainability of the DAO, empowering it to navigate the dynamic landscape of decentralized veterinary telehealth.

Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering (INFTO)

Initially, the DAO implements a membership-based perks tier system tied to the ownership of certain NFTs. Members who hold founding NFTs released as part of the Initial NFT Offering (INFTO) will enjoy perpetual access to their respective perks, exclusive events, and early access to DAO governance proposals. The NFTs themselves represent various membership tiers, each unlocking different levels of benefits within the DAO ecosystem.

Exclusive perpetual perks and access to governance

To incentivize founding members of all types, the NFTs are designed to confer lifetime benefits, such as reduced service fees for pet owners, reduced platform fees for veterinarians, guaranteed exposure in local listings for partners and increased revenue share for affiliates.

Additionally, all founding members receive access to different levels of governance privileges.

How it works

In essence, by leveraging blockchain and NFTs, VeterinaryDAO not only secures its initial funding through token sales but also establishes a dynamic and incentivized community of founding members who, through their NFT ownership, contribute to the treasury while enjoying lifetime benefits within the decentralized organization.

What you'll need to get started

Cardano wallet to mint your NFT

Minting NFTs on the Cardano blockchain requires the use of a Cardano wallet due to the underlying structure of the blockchain and the necessity for users to have control over their private keys.

If you don’t yet own a cryptocurrencies wallet compatible with the Cardano blockchain then you can follow this guide on how to create a Cardano wallet. We covered the top three Cardano wallets by number of users.

Either crypto or fiat currency

Our Initial NFT Offering supports both crypto and FIAT currencies. Regardless of what’s more convenient for you in terms of payment method, we’ll take care of minting your founding member NFT to your Cardano wallet address.*

*Even if founding member contributions can be made with either crypto or fiat currencies, the crypto wallet remains a fundamental component of the overall NFT minting process on the Cardano blockchain.

Choose your superpowers

Founding Pet Parent

10% reduced service fees for life and extra perks. Learn more about becoming a founding pet parent.

Founding Veterinarian

10% reduced platform fees for life and extra perks. Learn more about becoming a founding veterinarian.

Founding Local Partner

Recommended partner first place in local listings for life and extra perks. Learn more about becoming a founding local partner.

Founding Digital Creator

10% extra referral revenue share for life and extra perks. Learn more about becoming a founding digital creator.

Founding Patron

Revenue share access to a pool composed of 5% royalties for life. Includes all pet parent, veterinarian, partner and affiliate main perks and extra perks.

Roadmap based treasury funding

On the dedicated roadmap page, you’ll find a detailed timeline of our development milestones, showcasing our commitment to innovation, transparency, and continuous improvement. Stay informed about our progress as we work towards providing accessible, high-quality veterinary services to pet owners everywhere. 

VeterinaryDAO is born

VeterinaryDAO begins its development as a centralized platform, with the objective of providing AI-assisted veterinary counseling through a user-friendly interface. This phase focuses on establishing a robust foundation and user base.

VeterinaryDAO Whitepaper
VeterinaryDAO Whitepaper

The guiding principles for creating VeterinaryDAO and the way it’s envisioned to operate beyond its centralized method of inception. An in-depth, work in progress exploration of the principles, operations, and the decentralized vision of VeterinaryDAO—an AI-assisted veterinary counseling service dedicated to revolutionizing pet care.

INFTO Funding Campaign
Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering
Initial Non-Fungible Token Offering

Our NFTs are not just tokens; they grant you membership at various tiers. Dive into the details of each tier to understand the exclusive perks, privileges, and benefits associated with your NFT ownership.

Frequently asked questions

The treasury is a crucial financial resource that sustains VeterinaryDAO’s operations and facilitates its growth. Funds are accumulated through mechanisms like token issuance, fundraising, and revenue generation. The treasury empowers the DAO to autonomously pursue its objectives, including development, marketing efforts, community initiatives, and strategic partnerships.

The INFTO introduces a membership-based perks tier system tied to the ownership of specific NFTs. Founding members, based on their NFT tier, enjoy perpetual access to exclusive perks, events, and early governance proposals. The INFTO serves as a means to secure initial funding, allowing the community to contribute to the treasury while receiving lifetime benefits within the DAO.

Founding members, depending on their chosen tier (Pet Parent, Veterinarian, Partner, Affiliate, or Patron), enjoy various benefits such as reduced service fees, platform fees, enhanced exposure, extra referral revenue share, and revenue share access to a pool composed of 5% royalties. These benefits aim to recognize and incentivize the contributions of our valued founding members.

To participate in the INFTO, you’ll need a Cardano wallet for minting your NFT. Minting on the Cardano blockchain requires a wallet for secure key management. You can use either cryptocurrency or fiat currency for your contribution, and our platform supports both methods.

As a founding member, you can choose your superpower tier, such as Founding Pet Parent, Veterinarian, Partner, Affiliate, or Patron, each offering unique benefits. Simply select your preferred tier during the contribution process and become a vital part of our community.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) within VeterinaryDAO represent exclusive membership tiers and perks. By owning specific NFTs, members gain access to various benefits, creating a unique and dynamic system that aligns with our decentralized approach.

NFTs offer a more secure and personalized membership experience compared to traditional registration methods. By owning an NFT, your membership is tied to a digital asset on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity and preventing fraudulent activity. This provides a unique and verifiable way to represent your membership status.

NFTs provide a decentralized and tamper-resistant way to represent ownership and membership. Unlike email addresses, which can be changed or compromised, NFTs are securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring the longevity and authenticity of your membership status. This adds an additional layer of security and trust to the membership process.

Yes, one of the advantages of NFTs is their transferability. If you decide to transfer ownership of your NFT to another individual, they will inherit the associated membership benefits. This feature allows for flexibility in ownership and supports the fluidity of the VeterinaryDAO community.

Transferring your NFT to another person involves initiating a blockchain transaction to change ownership. This process typically occurs within your Cardano wallet or the designated platform interface. Specific instructions for transferring ownership can be found within your wallet’s functionalities.

Transaction fees may apply when transferring NFTs on the blockchain. These fees are determined by the blockchain network and are not set by VeterinaryDAO. It’s advisable to check the current transaction fees on the Cardano blockchain or the relevant blockchain network during the transfer process.

Losing access to your Cardano wallet may result in the loss of your NFT and associated membership benefits. It’s crucial to securely manage your wallet and keep backup credentials. If you encounter issues, contact our support team for assistance, ensuring the protection of your membership status.

The following statement serves as a disclaimer regarding the nature of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and is in accordance with EU compliance and fiscal laws related to financial investments.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that represent ownership of specific digital or physical items and are typically stored on a blockchain. It is important to note that the purchase or ownership of NFTs should not be considered or interpreted as a financial investment. NFTs do not confer any ownership stake or financial interest in the underlying project, platform, or associated assets.

Investors and users are hereby cautioned that the value of NFTs can be highly volatile and may fluctuate based on market demand, trends, and other external factors.

By engaging in the purchase or sale of NFTs, users acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with digital assets and agree that they are not acquiring NFTs as financial investments.