Pet Care & Animal Health Care Affiliates

Use this form to reach out to our Marketing Team regarding any questions, concerns, or feedback. Join our network of successful content creators from all around the European Economic Union in shaping the future of veterinary telemedicine! We help our affiliates increase their income while driving more referral sales. As an affiliate, you’ll send us referrals while we’ll take care of customer success, billing details & payouts for you.


  • Must have an active website or social media presence
  • Minimum of 1000 followers on any social media channel 
  • Currently registering the majority of their web traffic from users in European Economic Union countries (priority) or globally (waiting list)


Note: Affiliates are not VeterinaryDAO employees, but independent marketing providers.

Fraud and Privacy Notice

VeterinaryDAO does not require you to install an application to your computer, nor do we support chat apps such as Wire, WhatsApp, or Signal for the delivery of any official service. Affiliates are not required to pay fees or incur any costs to join VeterinaryDAO.